Being Upstanders

For the past few weeks, we have been learning how to be upstanders online and in person.

We’ve used what we’ve learned in these lessons to help create animations (either using scratch or google slides), pick-a-paths and posters.

Once you press the green button – press the up arrow.

We have also played interland taking screen shots that help us focus on being cybersmart! Lots of us managed to get certificates for the games too!

How do you show that you’re an upstander?

Chrome Music Lab

For the past 2 weeks, we have been learning about creativity, copyright and fair use. Last week we used canva, pixlr, sumo paint or Google Draw to create badges for things such as: best teacher and best sports person. We also used to remove backgrounds of images of ourselves and then placed ourselves in different places around the world.

Today, we used Chrome Music Lab to create songs. Here are some of our songs. Have you used Chrome music lab?


Artificial Intelligence

Today, we learnt a little bit about Artificial Intelligence (or AI). We wrote down our ideas on a jamboard, and then we got to create some images.

Whaea Stacey showed us how to use Canva and Pxlr to create AI generated images. Princeton even found another site:, which you could also create AI pictures so we had a go at that too!

Here are some of our images.

We also used Chat GPT to see how that works. Whaea Stacey found the recipe for (supposedly) the best Chocolate Chip Cookies and we also had a paragraph generated about how awesome our class was. Their post was pretty accurate (which is a little scary!)

Have you used AI? What for?

Social Media

Today, Whaea Stacey discussed with us Social Media and how we can stay safe online.

We discussed things like: not sharing private information and not adding people that we don’t know (and if we think we know them, sometimes we need to check!). We talked about why we should be 13 before we have these types of accounts.

We then got to make posters, using apps we know to explain dangers of Social Media. Here are some!


Touchpad Tips n Tricks

We have been learning some tips and tricks to know how to use our touchpad more efficiently. We learned that you can swipe up/down and side to side with one, two or three fingers and all of these do different things!

Next we went to an online site where we had to use our new skills to complete some puzzles.

This slidedeck shows one of the create tasks we did today. For this task we had to remember how to take a partial screenshot, and how to upload an image to Google Slides. We hope you enjoy taking a look at our learning.

24 Hour Digital Footprint

We have been learning about our online footprint. We have learned that everything we share online can be searched, copied, shared, and is permanent. We learned this by watching a video and talking about what we’d seen; we also talked about times when we’ve shared something online and it’s been copied and shared without our permission. This is important information to learn because we have started our class blog, so we are actively sharing information online, during class time.

We collected screenshots of the places we visited online in the last 24 hours and inserted them onto our footprint. We also took a selfie to go with our footprint. We learned how to change the shape of our selfie by using Mask tool in Google Slides.

Here is a slidedeck of our footprints. We hope you enjoy looking through them.

Hello, welcome to Levin!

Kia ora, malo e lelei, hello fellow learners, welcome to Room 3’s class blog.

Our class has a lot of boys and very few girls. We are in the senior team; our teachers are Mrs. Shaw, Mrs. Cook, Mr. Clark, Anna, and Mr. Malcolm.

Our school values are manaakitanga, katiakitanga and manawanuitanga. Some sports that we do at our school are soccer, hockey, netball, basketball, rugby, rippa rugby, and cricket.

In this blog we will be sharing about the learning in our class. We’ll hear from you soon; please come check in with us and leave us a comment.